Other News

Rocket Science host team, Blockbuster, has been invited back to perform at SPACE PARTY on Saturday, January 11th at 6PM. We’re super-excited about this show because it gets us to perform one of our favorite Blockbuster movie genres: Science Fiction. Will it be a dystopian future, an alien invasion, artificial […]

Space Party

We have some exciting news. The Rocket Science Improv Show is now at The Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica! We will be bringing our collection of the finest indie improv teams to this theater on the first Thursday of every month from 11PM to 12:30 PM. Our first show […]

Rocket Science Supersized

Century City /Westwood News reporter Michael Ray caught our one-year Rocket Science Anniversary show and had some nice things to say. His article, which came out on Friday, June 1st, is also available on the newspaper’s web site at https://centurycity-westwoodnews.com/2018/06/01/improv-celebrated-anniversary-show/ A favorite quote he got from us came from Mark Allen […]

Rocket Science In The News

We had a great science fiction and technology-themed show tonight. Wretched Hive brought a fun mash up of short-form Star Wars games and then presented a long-form taste of what can be best described as, “Watto: A Star Wars Story.” We find Watto broken-hearted and desperately trying to get his missing […]

One with the (improv) force

What an amazing Rocket Science Improv Show tonight. We had a standing room-only, enthusiastic audience. Special thanks to Revengers (https://www.facebook.com/revengersimprov/) for stepping in at the last moment. And special thanks to Vanguard (https://www.facebook.com/VanguardImprov/) for bringing at least half the audience. And thanks to all the teams for just “bringing it.” […]

Saturday, January 27th show — Special thanks!