Rocket Science News for September 2020


Well, here we are, 6 months into the global pandemic that, among many other things, shut down live theater for a while. We hope that some day in the future we can bring back The Rocket Science Improv Show. But for now, please know that we miss your smiling, laughing, cheering faces.

We have a couple announcements that might be of interest to performers and maybe even some audience members. First off, Rocket Science co-founder Jerry Witt is offering a six-week online course that instructs participants on how to create an animated cartoon. At the end of the class we will have an online screening, so be sure to check back for information on that. If you are interested in making a cartoon, you can sign up here.

In other news, Rocket Science anchor team BLOCKBUSTER continues to rehearse. We have been working on a variation of our improvised movie format where audiences are treated to a retro science fiction B-movie that has never been seen before and is made up on the spot. Stay tuned for information when that show goes up.

And lastly, our good friend and uber-improv-supporter David Escobedo was kind enough to do an interview with Jerry Witt on his Improv Boost page. If you are a fan or performer of improv, you should really check out his site or follow The Improv Boost on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s all the update we have for now. Hopefully it won’t be another 6 months until we meet again.