Improv Is Back

Sunday at The Glendale Room

Unfortunately the Rocket Science Improv Show is not back (yet).

When the pandemic shut down live theater in March of 2020, we didn’t feel the need to make a big announcement. People knew what was up and everyone got along with their lives as best they could. We missed y’all, but didn’t have anything to share. But now that things are beginning to reopen, we finally have an update.

Sadly the pandemic caused the closing of our primary theater, The Improv Space. It wasn’t just this theater. In the last two years we’ve seen the closing of both IO and the UCB theater on Sunset. Meanwhile, our other performance venue, The Westside Comedy Theater has focused a little more on stand-up and there are fewer slots for indie improv shows.

But live, improvised theater always finds a way. Currently frequent Rocket Science co-host, Forever Team has a couple shows coming up.

On Sunday, November 7th Forever Team will be performing at the brand new Glendale Room in (you guessed it) Glendale. It’s part of the Day of Improv show put together by members of Backyard and Space Heater. Forever Team goes on at 7:30, but your ticket for the show starting at 5PM gets you in to see all the shows. Also performing: Rollin’ In Riches and Landry & Summers. 8 teams, 5 hours, $10 — you do the math! Tickets available at Eventbright:…/backyard-improv-tickets..

On Monday, November 8th Forever Team returns to The Westside Comedy Theater at 8:30 PM. Come out at 8PM and catch our friends from Felix. Tickets are also only 10 bucks. If you miss BLOCKBUSTER this is probably your best chance to see some of the players from this team. Ruby and Jerry play in Forever Team and Jon Thompson is in Cobranauts in the 9PM hour.

Both venues require proof of vaccination and wearing a mask when not eating or drinking. But if you’ve read this far you’re probably a pretty cool person and have that covered anyway.