RocketImprov – This Time… It’s Personal

The Rocket Science Improv Show is back this Saturday, September 21st, 6PM at The Improv Space in Westwood. We’ve got a unique, amazing, FREE, improv show featuring three great teams. Check out this line-up:

Super Pun Shout! We pride ourselves on bringing interesting shows to the Rocket Science stage and this show is a perfect example. This is a world-premiere show that blends short-form improv, game, and oh so many puns into a whimsical game-show-ish format. (We’re mostly making that stuff up. We are going to be as surprised as you are. Come and see what happens!) Also…

Journey People are back on our bill again. How, you ask? Well, they had a delightful show last month AND several players came back and entered the drawing mentioned in the section below. They Won! Now, on to Journey People: These are the voyages of the Journey People. Twenty-minute missions: to explore strange new scenes. To seek out new characters and new situations. This is a group of crazy-talented improvisers from Al Garcia’s class at the Westside Comedy Theater.

Blockbuster performs a condensed BLOCKBUSTER movie that has never been seen before – live! No computer-generated imagery, no pyrotechnics, no special effects; just the raw intensity of your favorite Hollywood movies. Some recent films they have created based on audience suggestions include “Iguana,” a samurai action film; the film noir, “Dracula’s First Date” and most recently, the sci-fi killer alien film “Attack of the Killer Droids.”

As always, it’s worth mentioning that The Improv Space has a very liberal libations policy. Feel free to bring your food and beverage of choice to enjoy while we perform. See you Saturday!

PLUS: We are doing a drawing again. Any audience member (who is not in that show’s line-up) can enter their name and the name of their team into a drawing. We will draw one name and the team they nominate will be invited to appear in the Rocket Science show on September 7th. Do you want to get your team more stage time? Do you have an indie experimental improv show you want to put up? Drop your name into the bucket and you might just find you and your improv team on stage two weeks later.