The Rocket Science Improv Show Now at Acme Comedy

Sadly, the venue at which we previously performed Rocket Science has closed down. (R.I.P. The Improv Space) Happily, we have found a new theater in the midst of the NoHo Arts District. We are excited to announce that our long-form improv show will be at the ACME COMEDY THEATER and the show will now start at 6:30PM.

Since this is the first time using this new launchpad, Rocket Science has pulled out all the stops bringing you an epic show.

We have Westside Comedy Theater house team Felix. If you haven’t seen these cats, buckle up for some serious manic fun. It’s been a whole year since we were last able to get them to play the show and were super-excited to see them back.

Also appearing is our friends from Barbershop as they present “A capella improv as fresh as your last haircut.” The team features Thomas Hamilton, Ryan Pigg, Matt Acevedo, Joe Spence, and Robin Kapustin. We had them at a couple previous Rocket Science shows and we are so happy they were able to join us to launch this ride.

As always, Blockbuster will perform a condensed BLOCKBUSTER movie that has never been seen before – live! No computer-generated imagery, no pyrotechnics, no special effects; just the raw intensity of your favorite Hollywood movies.

How much for this EPIC way to start your weekend? Tickets are just $4 online (through Eventbright) and $7 at the door. The theater has a one drink minimum, but that can be a $2 water or a super-fancy beer or glass of wine for a swanky $6. We are excited because we don’t have to “pass the hat” after every show. We think YOU’LL be excited because Acme is quite an upgrade from our previous venue. Great, comfy seating and air conditioning in the summer. Why, we’ve heard tell that the bathrooms (that’s right PLURAL) are up front in the lobby.

Bottom line: we promise you a great way to get your weekend started. You might just want to stick around for some of the other shows. Our friend Josh Spence is building an entire weekend of fantastic improv shows at Acme and we are excited to be a part of it. We hope you will be too.