Happy New Year from Rocket Science

The Rocket Science Improv Show has your magic numbers for the new year. You may want to write these down: 1-2-20-20 and 11.

That’s right on January 2nd, 2020 at 11PM we will be back at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica with another delightful entertainment extravaganza.

Our pals from Sweet Dalai Lama join Blockbuster for an all-new never-before-performed show.

To call this an “improv show” would be an understatement. Sweet Dalai Lama have been performing together for more than seven years. In that time they’ve done ALL the improv forms: Montage, Armando, Bat, Soundtrack, Sonar, Silent Soundtrack, Disco, and an All-Group-Game Montage. Come see what they’re gonna cook up for you.

Plus Blockbuster will create a brand-new, totally improvised Hollywood Blockbuster movie that is of a genre and title of your choice. They’ve done a Pirate Western, a Science Fiction Romance, and a giant lizard/Samurai epic. What WILL be next?

Tickets are just 6 bucks. Start your 2020 off with some magic, surprise, and fun times!