Day of the Dead Rocket Science Show

Join Rocket Science for a very special Day of the Dead celebration on November 2nd at 6 pm in Westwood. Día de Muertos is a dedicated to honoring, thinking about, and recalling relatives and friends that have passed. Three sensational long-form improv teams that will help guide us across the Jordan river.

Play of the Dead features a group of improvisors who perform characters inspired by their friends and family who have, as Hamlet said, “shuffled off this mortal coil.”

Vanity Project – features a bunch of players primarily from UCB: Fernanda Perez, Amalia Aquino, Matthew Mentele, Jacki Schwarz, Olivia Castanho, and Nate Alexander. They are are coached by the hilarious Lisa Timmons and typically perform a slacker.

Blockbuster performs a condensed BLOCKBUSTER movie that has never been seen before – live! No computer-generated imagery, no pyrotechnics, no special effects; just the raw intensity of your favorite Hollywood movies. The last couple shows at The Improv Space include the epic film noir, Dracula’s First Date,” and the Sci-Fi thriller, “Attack of the Killer Droids.” Most recently they presented a Western-Pirate hybrid. What movie will they make next? It’s all based on your suggestions.

Come join us for what promises to not only be a fun show, but a show full of love and grace.

Don’t forget, the Improv Space has a very liberal libations policy. Feel free to bring your food and beverage of choice to enjoy while we perform. And yes, that includes candy skulls.

See you Saturday!