Another Rocket Science Improv Experience

The Rocket Science Improv Show continues to push boundaries and discover new and exciting entertainment experiences for audiences. This show is a perfect example. We’ve got a brand new movie from Blockbuster, the return of our friends from Impro Mundeando creating mischief in Spanish, AND a brand new, experimental project that features The Shirley Templars creating improvised scenes as two commentators pontificate on what we are seeing.

Come on over on November 16th at 6 pm in Westwood, and we’ll present three sensational long-form improv teams that will surprise and delight you.

Impro Mundeando Buckle up for some crazy fun En español! We’ve had this team play a couple previous shows and just love them. Even audience members that only spoke un poco Español and those that spoke nada were thrilled and delighted by their fast-paced and playful antics. You’ll be blown away with these crazy characters and realize that a lot of what we ‘hear’ in a theatrical play is conveyed through body language, tone, and character.

Wide World of Improv – Two members of WCT house team Forever Team, Zak Roland and Alex Srour, offer live commentary as members of the improv team Shirley Templars perform. Whether there is an epic character or a fumbled tag run, Alex and Zak break it down play by play.

Blockbuster performs a condensed BLOCKBUSTER movie that has never been seen before – live! No computer-generated imagery, no pyrotechnics, no special effects; just the raw intensity of your favorite Hollywood movies. Recent Blockbuster shows include the epic film noir, Dracula’s First Date,” and the Sci-Fi thriller, “Attack of the Killer Droids.” Most recently they presented a Western-Pirate hybrid, thrillers, an action movie, and a ‘horror documentary.’ What movie will they make next? It’s all based on your suggestions.

This is your third from last chance to see a Rocket Science show this year. Don’t miss it! Also, don’t forget, the Improv Space has a very liberal libations policy. Feel free to bring your food and beverage of choice to enjoy while we perform.

See you Saturday!