Rocket Science – Celebrating Two-and-a-Half Years

The Rocket Science Improv Show invites you to a major anniversary celebration this Saturday, October 19th, 6PM at The Improv Space in Westwood. We’ve been going strong for two-and-a-half years and thought this would be a perfect time to bring out some favorite teams. We’ve got an amazing, FREE, improv show planned. Just check out this line-up:

Room 604 It is only fitting to bring back the team that launched Rocket Science, Room 604 creates an entire show based on your suggestion of a business or location that you can find in your home town. Join Jerry Witt, Mark D Allen, Breeze Geier, Kerry Knuppe, and Jon Thompson as they take you to the emotional center of any city or town. They’ve taken audiences to gas stations, post offices, day spas, and dive bars. Come see where they’ll take audiences next.

Vanguard Easily the single most frequent guests at Rocket Science, these friends of the show and incredible performers are always welcome to share the “bill” with us. (Yes, that’s a duck joke.) This troupe grew out of Jay Sukow’s Level 701 Ensemble class at the Westside Comedy Theater and perform regal improvisations of the highest caliber.

Blockbuster is the current host team of Rocket Science. These folks perform a condensed BLOCKBUSTER movie that has never been seen before – live! No computer-generated imagery, no pyrotechnics, no special effects; just the raw intensity of your favorite Hollywood movies.

PLUS: We are doing a drawing again. Any audience member (who is not in that show’s line-up) can enter their name and the name of their team into a drawing. We will draw one name and the team they nominate will be invited to appear in the Rocket Science show on November 2nd. Do you want to get your team more stage time? Do you have an indie experimental improv show you want to put up? Drop your name into the bucket and you might just find you and your improv team on stage two weeks later.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that The Improv Space has a liberal libations policy. Feel free to bring along the food or beverage of your choice to indulge in while you enjoy the show.